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OUr Recruiters 

Empowering Our Recruiters - Be Your Own Boss

We believe that the most important ingredient in any successful recruitment firm is its recruiters. We therefore want to empower each of our recruiters to live balanced, healthy & successful lives. 

At Sparrow Associates , all our recruiters are treated as partners, not employees:

We provide you with qualified job vacancies with clients of ours that are actively hiring. We offer 50% commission splits. The implications of this are far –reaching. You can work from anywhere, at any time. Be it on your couch, the library, or a local café, Bangkok, Bali, Australia, Rome, or home. You can work 2 hours/week, or 100 hours/week, it is entirely up to YOU!

Our job is one that can be done anywhere, and anytime. As long as we have access to the internet, a cell phone, and email address.

Why then must we commute long hours to an office and be in our desks for 10/12 hours a day?

Why are we subjecting ourselves to extremely high-stress / boiler-room sales environments

Why are we giving away 75%+ of our commissions to a company that does not value us or our time? 

We are sacrificing the best years of our lives, time we can spend with our loved-ones, or time we could be traveling the world, for a company that considers us replaceable. Join Sparrow Associates, and take back control of your life. 

How it works:
Experienced Recruiters
  • Complete our 2 Hour Introductory Program 

  • Create login Username/Password 

  • Recruit - wherever , whenever 

New Recruiters
  • Complete our free 10 Hour Training Program

  • Learn all about Recruitment and Sparrow Associates

  • Create login Username/Password

  • Team up with a mentor and begin recruiting! 

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