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Sparrow Associates is a full-service recruitment agency.

Unlike other recruitment firms, Sparrow Associates' premier concern is with our recruiters. We were created by recruiters with deep experience in agency recruiting, who experienced first-hand the frustrations of working for an agency. Long hours, lopsided commission splits, high-turnover, aggressive sales tactics to name a few. 

We believe that by enabling and empowering our recruiters we can fulfill our goal , which is to create value for all our stakeholders - our clients, our recruiters, and the candidates we work with - by eliminating cost inefficiencies and ushering the recruitment industry into the 21st Century. 



Our goal at Sparrow Associates is to create value for all of our stakeholders, and this includes our clients. By using the most up-to-date technologies, and employing an innovative business model, we are able to have the maximum amount of manpower working on your company's needs, at no extra cost to us.  

We can do this cheaply, quickly, and with absolutely no hassle. Just let us know what you need, and we will take care of the rest. Our business model allows us to fulfill your company's needs more quickly, and at a more competitive rate than the competition. 

Stop paying exorbitant recruitment fees. Put your money to good use, focusing instead on valuable R&D initiatives and your company's growth. Join us in ushering the recruitment industry into the 21st Century.

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